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2017 Cell Bands Minitype 3 Phone Jammer GPS Jamming ebolQvfvkdsibvv_Yb for ebay.

  • 2017 Cell Bands Minitype 3 Phone Jammer GPS Jamming ebolQvfvkdsibvv_Yb for ebay

Product Description:

The small handheld GSM GPS jammer with 3 bands was designed for avoiding car tracking and cell phone tracking which use A-GPS technology.With small size and light weight,the blocker is very easy to use and hide.Its jamming radius is up to 15 meters. In addition, the jammer can block 3G signal if you want. With this jammer, you can stay away from tracking, harassing, and protecting your privacy.


Radius up to 15 meters

Small size,light weight, easy to carry

Built-in battery with car charger and AC power adapter


Frequencies Supported:






Please note that the jammer can only block 3 frequencies at the same time,depending on what you choose in the configurations.

Jamming radius: 1-15m (Depending on the strength signal in given area)

Total output power:2.4W

Power supply:DC12V,built in 1800mA Lithium Battery

Typical Battery Life: 90 minutes


Dimensions:113×60×30 mm

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